About Go-Natural®

about Go Natural® The ALL-IN-ONE Cosmetic®

Go Natural®  The ALL-IN-ONE Cosmetic® "Professional Magic Powder" that does all 8 cosmetics in ONE, eliminating the need for separate foundation, concealer, blush, bronzer, lipstick, eye shadow, illuminator, hi-lighter, contour, and more, and ONE self-adjusting shade takes the guess work out of shade selection making shade selection a thing of the past - works for all skin colors, all skin types and all ages.   Blends away lines and imperfections like magic. 

 Professional grade, GMP certified, proudly made in North America.   

Every women wants this simplicity and the natural beautiful results Go Natural delivers - Instantly.

  Saves time and money. 

Featured on TV, TVSN Australia, QVC USA, and TSC Toronto Shopping Channels, used and sold by beauty professionals worldwide, gift shops, fashion boutiques, independent and specialty retailers and more - all since 1999.



Proven Best Seller Since 1999
8 + Cosmetics ALL-IN-ONE
Proudly made in North America
Go Natural The ALL-IN-ONE Cosmetic ®

Never use more than ONE makeup product again

Just Brush On & Go - Go Natural® The ALL-IN-ONE Cosmetic®

ONE Powder - ONE Brush - ONE Minute®

                                                   ... It's that easy

  •  8 Cosmetics in ONE and ONE Shade for ALL

  •   ALL 8 Cosmetics in ONE.  It's you blush, foundation, eye shadow, lip colour, brow colour, hi-light, contour, illuminator, body glo … ALL-IN-ONE

  •  ONE SHADE For ALL - Our unique self-adjusting formula washes with and enhances your natural pigments to produce true natural colour for you, making shade selection a thing of the past.

  •  The Look, is as unique and beautiful as you are

  • Creates a healthy glow effect instantly and in one step

  •  Innovative light-diffusing technology to define contour and illuminate your complexion in one easy step.

  •  A soft sheer complexion in a snap

  • Radiance and Illusion
    A nude skin effect in the blink of an eye

  •  Infuses your complexion with light

  • Remarkably silky texture - Glides on Smoothly

  • Natural  sun kissed effect without the risks

  •  Go Natural® uses light refraction to diminish the appearance of blemishes, fine lines, and wrinkles—in one easy step.

  •  Light-reflective minerals and line-filling micro-spheres camouflage flaws. Dark circles, blemishes and fine lines vanish.

  •  A high concentration of finely ground pigments for exceptional radiance, intensity and purity.

  •  Proprietary technology eliminates shine, lessens transference, refines pores and gives skin a flawless, smooth appearance

  •  Unique powder offers buildable coverage, from natural to dramatic, and imparts a flattering radiance

  • Superior antioxidant benefits to gently protect and condition skin with the finest vitamins, minerals and anti-oxidants nature has to offer.

  • With Vitamins E and Zinc antioxidant vitamins that help to protect cells from free radical damage.


  • Experience Go Natural's® innovative light-diffusing technology to define contour and illuminate your complexion in one easy step.

  • Second skin effect with an ultra-natural finish

  • Professional Grade

  • Distributed from London Ontario Canada and Las Vegas Nevada

  • Proudly made in USA since 1999

                                                                                                            ...no wonder they call it "Magic Powder"

Simply Beautiful ... since 1999


    Because beautiful does not have to be complicated™

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Go-Natural® The ALL-IN-ONE Cosmetic® - Self-Adjusting - One Shade For All - Multi-Functioning - Since 1999

Professional Grade ~ Sold Exclusively by Specialty Retail & Beauty Professionals ~ Proudly Made In North America

Paraben Free / Vegan / Gluten Free / Cruelty Free / SPF Free / with Natural Vitamins / Minerals / Anti-Oxidants

 All Skin-Tones - All Skin Types - All Ages

Go-Natural The All-In-One Makeup Cosmeti

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Go-Natural Inc. manufacturer of professional all-in-one makeup and cosmetic products 

London Ontario and Las Vegas Nevada 

Made in Canada   Made In USA  

Since 1999



Proudly made in North America

Professional grade, GMP Certified, made with the finest natural vitamins, minerals & anti-oxidants. A multi-functioning mineral based cosmetic that offers a single self-adjusting shade beauty solution for all.