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Affiliate Program

We use GoAffPro by Shopify

to manage our affiliate program. 

No Cost or Obligation


Manufacturer Direct Las Vegas Since 1999



Our product - is a proven Best Selling flagship specialty product - developed in 1999 by a licensed cosmetologist in Canada, to bring simplicity to beauty - created over 22 years ago, delivering simplicity & instant natural results to women with a single Made in America, Professional Grade powder, functioning as 8 separate products in seconds and 1 shade self-adjusts to all - taking the guess work out & eliminating shade selection.  Mind blowing results - in seconds !


We hit the ground running with our launch in 1999 & quickly made our way onto 3 major TV Shopping Channels including TSC Toronto Shopping Channel,  QVC USA, TVSN Australia (NOTE: is not sold on TV shopping Channels so is not competition), as well as numerous mail order catalogs, & sold by over 1100 Specialty Retailers & Beauty Professionals.


*Every woman wants this ALL-IN-ONE® Simplicity & the instant natural results ... proven, since 1999.

Our business in run with integrity and we look forward to working with you.


GO-NATURAL® ALL-IN-ONE Cosmetic® 1-Shade Multi-Use "Magic Powder" ™



  • To begin, you will get 10% commission for your total sales ..., and if you successfully invite another to join our affiliate program, you will receive bonus up to 9% of total sale of your downline affiliate. (MLM) 5%, 2%, 2%


  • 15% OFF COUPON - for promoting - for all sales - includes Bundle & Free Shipping Offers as well as Wholesale (see wholesale details below) - Worldwide !


  • 3 Levels (10%,-12%-15%) + A Generous & Profitable MLM Program - 5%, 2%, 2% 

  •     - bring in other affiliates & earn from their sales 


  • We have Shopify "MARKETS & Geo-Targeting" is in place for Auto Multi Currency - Worldwide - Canada added bonus of No exchange or Duty


  • Bundle Offers & Free Shipping Offers & Wholesale - is for Worldwide  


  • Converts well - Most successful Target is Women - 35 and up - with 45 and up being the highest


  • Large Set is a 2 year supply with average everyday use - includes brushes and travel bag


  • BEST SELLER: Unique Gift, Travel Item, Lifestyle Product, Bath & Body, Beauty & Wellness, Health & Fitness


  • APPEALS TO: Travellers, Busy Professionals, Busy Moms, Baby Boomers, Vegans, Nomads, Minimalists,   



Wholesale must be a B2B business - that buys physical inventory to resell - & QUICK SIGN-UP to LOGIN to access the Wholesale product & pages is required 

  •  the wholesale pricing and popular quantity bundles with free kits is high ticket with attractive commissions & quick re-order rate.


Feel free to reach out anytime with any questions



Go-Natural Inc.

Manufacturer Direct Las Vegas Since 1999

Inspiration & Ideas for Content 

Selling a Solution,

Go-Natural solves many problems 
For content writing ideas please visit a few pages on this site:

About Go-Natural, About Us, Reviews, Media, How To Apply Go-Natural,

To promote as a business  - bring in other affiliates under you also see Sales Reps page, and Wholesale

Quick Tips:

1 Shade

- Self-Adjusts !

- most women struggle with trying to "match" skin tones

- Eliminates shade selection & returns 

- multicultural - for all skin-tones, all skin-types, all ages 

-  see About Go-Natural Powder

8 Cosmetics ALL-IN-ONE

- saves time and money

- see About Go-Natural Powder 


- 1 product replaces 8

- minimalist - nomads, expats, etc.

Busy Professionals

Busy Moms 


- Go-Natural is Vegan

Green Environmentally Friendly 

- packaged in a reusable cosmetic travel pouch

- 1 product replaces 8 - reduces waste

Business Opportunity for Others

- Bloggers, Vloggers, Affiliates, Nomads, Work from Home & Mobile-Based Business Owners, 

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