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Affiliate Program Details
  • commission: 10 % + 10% Bonus Offer (20% Total) and $100 Bonus Offer + earn additional 5% of Recruited Affiliates - the sales of the affiliates you bring on, with a solid 2-tier tracking and payment system 

  • cookie life: 60 days

  • order value: $45-$1200 and up

  • affiliate-friendly landing pages

  • popular product was featured on 3 major TV shopping channels

  • wide range of creatives

  • auto-approval of affiliates from the US and Canada


Go-Natural Product
1 Single Product ~ appeals to many
 & Location Independent Business Opportunity
~ Not an MLM 


Go-Natural® The ALL-IN-ONE Cosmetic® 


1 Shade for all & does all 8 Cosmetics in 1 


Popular, proven best-seller has been featured on 3 major TV Shopping Channels 

~ Exclusive Specialty Professional Grade "Magic Powder" does all 8 cosmetics in-ONE, eliminating the need for separate blush, foundation, eye-shadow, hi-light, contour, illuminator, brow and even lip color and ONE-SHADE self-adjusts to work for all skin-tones, all skin-types, all-ages

  • Beautiful natural results instantly. 

  • It works... since 1999! 

  • Everyone wants this All-In-One® Simplicity and the instant impressive results

  • Kit includes brushes and travel pouch

  • Proudly Made In North America Since 1999 




We use Share-A-Sale platform for our affiliate marketing program - 10 years 

- Trusted partner

- Affiliates Paid Instantly 

- Tracks and pays bonuses automatically 


- Retail, Wholesale, Sales Reps, Affiliates, Bloggers, Vloggers, Location Independent Business Opportunity, 


Retail, Wholesale, Dropship, Affiliates, Location Independent Business Opportunity


Drop-Shipping Worldwide Free Shipping Offers 
  • Retail - Single Kits to end users, travelers 

  • Wholesale - Cases to Brick and mortar specialty retail stores, fashion & gift boutiques, travel accessory, spas, salons 

  • Affiliates - As a business to other affiliates, sales reps 


 Other On-Line Sellers, Affiliates & Sales Reps - earn 5% of their sales 



- Bonus $100 for reaching $1000 in a month 


- Bonus - additional 10% for all sales when you go over the threshold of $1000 in a month 


- Earn an additional 5% for affiliates you recruit - Seamless 2 Tier System


- Promotions to help you promote 

  • Coupon codes 

  • Free shipping offers 


 - Orders ship daily from our professional distribution center in Las Vegas NV USA since 1999 


- Free Shipping worldwide offers including all wholesale 

Inspiration & Ideas for Content 

Selling a Solution,
... not a Product

Go-Natural solves many problems 
For content writing ideas please visit a few pages on this site:

About Go-Natural, About Us, Reviews, Media, How To Apply Go-Natural,

To promote as a business  - bring in other affiliates under you also see Sales Reps page, and Wholesale

Quick Tips:

1 Shade

- Self adjusts

- women have a HUGE issue trying to "match" skin tones

- multicultural - for all skin-tones, all skin-types, all ages 

-  see About Go-Natural Powder

8 Cosmetics ALL-IN-ONE

- saves time and money

- see About Go-Natural Powder 


- 1 product replaces 8

- minamalist - nomads, expats, etc.

Busy Professionals

Busy Moms 


- Go-Natural is Vegan

Green Environmentally Friendly 

- packaged in a reusable cosmetic travel pouch

- 1 product replaces 8 - reduces waste

Business Opportunity for Others

- Bloggers, Vloggers, Affiliates, Nomads, Work from Home & Mobile-Based Business Owners,