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... anyone can join & begin today 

  • Independent Sales Reps
    • Wholesale Order Taking​

  • Direct Sellers
    • Buy Wholesale ~ Sell at Retail ​

      • Sell direct to everyone you meet​

      • Set Up at POP-UP Shops, Markets, Festivals, Trade Shows, etc.

  • On-Line Marketers
    • Location Independent Business Owners, Travelers, Nomads, Minimalists, Busy Moms, Working Professionals,, ​

    • Affiliates​

    • Influencers - Travel, Nomads, Beauty, etc. 

    • Drop-Shippers

    • Content Marketers

    • Bloggers & Vloggers

    • Freelancers



​Start Your Own Business
for Under $400 ...
  •     Buy physical product at wholesale & sell at retail
  • Your cost as low as $23 to $29 - retail for up to $80 - introductory sale at $60 & still double your investment
  • Plus Free Shipping - All Wholesale - WorldWide   more
Sign Up as an Affiliate for free !
  • NEW - Fully Automated B2B Platform for Affiliate Marketers more
  • do both for additional discounts, commissions, bonuses, + build network for sustainable residual income - Do Affiliate Sign-up 1st  
Multiple ways to earn
  1. Become a wholesale sales rep 
  2. Direct Seller ~ Order wholesale and sell direct - in-person & online
  3. or just sign-up to be an affiliate for online marketing at zero cost or obligation

"It's all about Freedom"

Independent Sales Rep

Wholesale Sales Rep

Go-Natural Traveling Wholesale Independent Sales Rep:

  • - Wholesale Order Taking
    • Landing & maintaining  new Specialty store accounts
- REQUIRES INVENTORY - high profit
- Order Wholesale
  • Manufacturer Direct From Las Vegas USA

    • NEW: Build a Network Affiliate Program 

    • A Fully Automated B2B Platform for Affiliate Marketers 

  • Create Sustainable Residual Income ~ for Digital Nomad, Expats, & more

    • Get paid on all re-orders for as long as you remain active (2 new orders or cases per month)

Rep Wholesale to Independent and Specialty Retailers:

  • You will be calling on, presenting and order taking at independent and specialty retailers wherever you are -  gift shops, fashion boutiques, sundry shops, salons, spas, etc.

  • Offer them a free kit for ordering now

    • comes from your inventory  - will be replaced 

    • offers extra incentive to help land the new account  

  • Take  &  process the new store  order = New Landed Account 

    • Additional Bonus $100 

  • We drop ship to the store - always free shipping - worldwide 

  • Quick Start 5 Minute Training Video + Support 

  • May combine with option 2 &/or 3

Step 1 - Sign-Up as an affiliate 

  • that's how you get paid - instantly 

  • & will give you the additional 10% off your Wholesale Case Order  

Step 2 - Order the Wholesale Case

- Use your new Affiliate Status for added discounts & commissions 

Step 3 - Start Marketing - just tell to sell ... it's that easy !

How To Earn 
Option 1

Get Started

For Under $400

Option 1
  • Direct Sellers
    • Buy Wholesale ~ Sell Retail ​

      • Sell direct to everyone you meet​

      • Set Up at Markets, Festivals, Trade Shows, etc.

Order Wholesale
  • Sell Retail (Single Kits) To Consumers - From Physical Inventory

  • Direct Sales  - In Person, To Travelers, Nomads, Expats, Groups,

  • POP-UP Shops, Events, Markets, Groups, Trade Shows etc. 

  • Earn Profit apr. $50 profit per kit 

Getting Started Is Easy: 

1) Sign Up as a Go-Natural Affiliate (FREE) 

OPTIONAL but this will give you

  • - an additional 10% + Off (your commission back to you) and count towards a threshold bonus of $100 and an additional 10% for all sales over $1000 in a month 

  • Start building your network - all automated 

  • - paid on referrals by using your affiliate ID

2) Place your wholesale order 

- use the coupon code below for an additional 20% off = 30% off total with Affiliate ID

3) Start Selling - Just tell to sell ... it's that easy !

How To Earn 
Option 2
Direct Sales

Get Started For Under $400

Order Now Save 20% 

Save an additional 20% off our lowest wholesale price

Use Coupon Code at checkout:  WHOLESALE-GN-20

Additional Quantity Discounts Offered At Checkout 

Start Your Own Business

For Under $400 

Option 2
On-Line Affiliate Marketing
How To Earn 
Option 3

Affiliate Marketing

  • On-Line Affiliate Marketing

  • A NEW Fully Automated B2B Platform for On-Line Sales & Marketing from Shopify

  • Reliable & Dependable Program & Payouts 


    •  just SIGN-UP to become an affiliate ~ No Cost Or Obligation

  • Earn commission & bonuses on online sales.  

  • Sell Retail (Single Kits) On-Line To Consumers Blog, Vlog, Consumers, Travelers, Nomads, Expats, & more 

  •  On-Line  Sales - We  Drop-Ship Worldwide

  • Promote single kits, wholesale &/or business opportunities  to your audience  

    • Use your Affiliate ID/link to earn from their purchase + build a network for residual income - all easy & automated !

  • - Give  your audience your  coupon code for added incentive and retention: for 15-20%% Off their order - includes retail & wholesale 


  • Free Shipping offers anywhere in the world 

  • Earn the affiliate commissions of 10-15%  + Bonus $100 & an additional 10% for reaching threshold sales of $1000 in a month

BONUS - Recruit Other Sales Reps, Affiliates, 

Earn 5% of their sales + 2%, 2% etc.

  •  Using your Affiliate ID

  • Creates Sustainable Residual Income 


Option 3

 Newsletter Sign-Up

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