• Independent Sales Reps
    • Wholesale Order Taking​

  • Direct Sellers
    • Buy Wholesale ~ Sell Retail ​

      • Sell direct to everyone you meet​

      • Set Up at Markets, Festivals, Trade Shows, etc.

  • On-Line Marketers
    • Location Independent Business Owners, Travelers, Nomads, Minimalists, Busy Moms, Working Professionals,, ​

    • Affiliates​

    • Influencers - Travel, Nomads, Beauty, etc. 

    • Drop-Shippers

    • Content Marketers

    • Bloggers & Vloggers

    • Freelancers



​Multiple ways to earn
  1. Become a wholesale sales rep 
  2. Direct Seller ~ Order wholesale and sell direct
  3. or just sign up to be an affiliate for online marketing at zero cost or obligation

"It's all about Freedom"

Independent Sales Rep
How To Earn 
Option 1
How To Earn 
Option 2
Direct Sales
On-Line Affiliate Marketing
How To Earn 
Option 3

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Location Independent 

work from anywhere

Get it  Got it  Sustain it

  • Living & planning the Nomad Location Independent Lifestyle 
  • Special Offers  
  • Mobile Based Business News, Offers & REAL Opportunities - no MLM
  • Sustaining your remote lifestyle
  • Survival Strategies for Digital Nomads & Those Aspiring To Be
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"It's all about Freedom"

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