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~  How to Apply Go-Natural®The ALL-IN-ONE Cosmetic®

How to Apply


The ALL-IN-ONE Cosmetic®


Blush, Foundation - Eye-Shadow - Concealer,

Hi-Light - Contour - Illuminator - Brow - Lip Color & more…

as easy as 1, 2, 3 ...

Apply just 1-3 dabs of the Go-Natural® powder to the Go-Natural® applicator brush

1) Brush & swirl over cheekbone area several times 

2) Brush & swirl over eyelid area several times

3) Brush & swirl all over the entire 1 side of your face….forehead, nose, entire cheek, jawline.

Pay special attention to imperfections, under-eye circles, red areas, acne, age and sun spots




That's it ... it's that easy!



A proprietary professional grade blend of true-colors, pigments, translucence and selected undertones, inspired by nature and based on the theory of the color wheel, blends with individual skin-tones to produce true natural results, a healthy natural glow without artificial looking sparkles, while blending away imperfections ...  Go-Natural® All-In-One Cosmetic® picks up on the bone structure to emphasize the cheekbone and open up the eye producing an instant 3-dimensional face-lift effect.  Varying individual pigments create the effects and allows for the multi-functioning capabilities.  

The look is as unique and beautiful as each individual user. 


Very little is needed ... start with less you can always apply more.

The amount will vary depending on your skin tones, and the desired look. 


~  How to Apply Go-Natural® The ALL-IN-ONE Cosmetic®

Step by Step Images

~  How to Apply Go-Natural®The ALL-IN-ONE Cosmetic®

Additional Tricks & Tips 


The more you brush the smoother the finish, more flawless and the prettier the results. Circular motions and

swirls work well. A beautiful airbrush finish & your true natural color is enhanced and revealed, all while evening out the skin tones & softening imperfections. 


Everyone comes up with their own unique way of using Go-Natural®.

Discover what Go-Natural® will do for you. 


Lip Color: 

Apply “Go-Natural ® to lips using a sponge tip applicator (provided), and apply a clear lip balm or gloss over. 


Intensify Eye Color and Blush

Slide the retractor up the applicator brush and apply “Go-Natural” ® directly to any areas you wish to




Apply 2-4 dabs of “Go-Natural” ® to the applicator brush. Slide the retractor up, apply lid and take it with you. Beauty on-the-go. 



“Go-Natural”® is very unique and very micro fine & IS NOT like most powders - a little goes a very long way… so very little is needed to achieve the desired results. 


“Go-Natural”® activates with your body heat & chemistry:

so you may not see much at first … usually activates in approximately 3 minutes. You will discover the right amount for you.  Experiment a little. Start with a little … you can always add more. AND ... pay special attention to imperfections you wish to soften such as under-eye circles, blemishes, age spots etc. Circles and swirls with the Go-Natural brush work well. 

  • The more you brush the smoother the finish - produces a beautiful airbrush finish ... eliminates the need for foundation.

  • Blends away imperfections and evens out skin tones. Also neutralizes redness.

  • Defines, highlights and contours the cheekbones, for a natural 3 dimensional face lifting effect as well as the brow bone to dramatically open up the eyes.


All in one step ... It's that easy

... it works ! ... we proved it !  since 1999


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Watch Go-Natural®

 ALL-IN-ONE Cosmetic®

On  QVC Shopping Channel

 A great how-to tutorial & 2 live demos 

Watch the models transform! ~ in seconds

no wonder they call it...

" Magic Powder

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