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How To Apply Go-Natural® ALL-IN-ONE Cosmetic® Collage

Updated: Jun 2, 2019

How to Apply Go-Natural®

The ALL-IN-ONE Cosmetic®

All-In-One Blush, Foundation, Eye-Shadow, Concealer, Hi-Light, Contour, Illuminator, Brow, Lip Color & more…

as easy as 1, 2, 3,...

Apply just 1-3 dabs of the “Go-Natural”® powder to the “Go-Natural”® applicator brush

1) Brush & swirl over cheek bone area several times

2) Brush & swirl over eye lid area several times

3) Brush & swirl all over the entire 1 side of your face….forehead, nose, entire cheek, jaw line. Pay special attention to imperfections such as under-eye circles, red areas, age and sun spots, acne.


That's it... it's that easy!


A proprietary blend of true-colors, pigments, translucence and selected undertones inspired by nature and based on the theory of the color wheel ... blends with individual skin-tones to produce true natural results, a healthy natural glow without artificial looking sparkles, while blending away imperfections ... Go-Natural® All-In-One Cosmetic® picks up on the bone structure to emphasize the cheekbone and open up the eye producing an instant 3 dimensional face-lift effect. Varying individual pigments create the effects and allows for the multi-functioning capabilities.

The look is as unique and beautiful as each individual user.


Very little Go-Natural® All-In-One Cosmetic® powder is needed ... start with less you can always apply more. Amount will vary depending on your skin tones, and the desired look.

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