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5 / 5   Go Natural Review - Solutions Catalog

A Healthy Glow


from Aspen, CO

June 18


This is perfect. I have always struggled to find a color to match my skin-tone, and hated the look and feel of foundation - the color does self-adjust to be perfect when you just use a just a little like it says and it feels so light and fresh. I love the glow - it makes me look younger and healthier. I also love that it is used for eye-shadow, blush, lip color, so takes less time and saves money. This is an amazing product that does what it says.


from New York, NY

September 1

Verified Purchase

At first, I really didn't think it would work; I am used to buying far more expensive name-brand cosmetics. However, this powder is amazing! It delivers just as described and truly conforms to different skin types. The very first day I put it on, I got so many compliments on my skin-- people mentioned I looked very well-rested and as if I just came back from a spa. I tried it on my mother and my sister and they fell in love with it as well (even though we all have different skin types). I was also pleasantly surprised that it came in a convenient pouch and a retractable brush. I carry it in my purse everywhere I go out of habit, but it honestly lasts all day so there is rarely a need for touch-ups. I'm ordering one more for myself and two for my sister and my mother. Thank you Solutions!

By onecent    5/5   Great product!  Amerimark Catalog

from Roanoke Rapids, N.C.

Comments about Go-Natural® Go Natural All-In-One Powder:

This product is absolutely a must have! its so simple to use, the key is not to use too much, the results are mind blowing! when I use this, I look so much better & I don't have that wore out exhausted look, I just cant say enough about this, its great! every woman who has a ton of make-up, really only needs Go-Natural.


from Central Valley, CA

June 13, 2009


I was skeptical, I've tried many powders supposedly good for all skin types with no luck, but this one delivers. I love this product, it's easy, great to keep in purse and perfect for light traveling. It was a nice suprise to see it came with a retractable brush.
Like other viewers noted, it gives a just-returned-from-vacation, healthy look to my face. I will order another for a back up!


Yes, I recommend this product.

I would like to say I love your product.  I tried it first at the Charlote, NC Southern Women's Show in the Fall of 2007.  I have used it everyday since and just ordered two more!  Thanks for making such a great product...

I will share this comment I received recently. 
"You have such beautiful skin!  You are lucky not to have to wear make-up"     Well duh...not me, I wear Go-Natural everyday...I'm still smiling.  It is nice not to look so "made up"  When I fessed up.  My friend could not believe I had on Go-Natural.. So Thanks Guys!  I appreciate you.

Barbara Merrell - Davidson, NC


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