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Watch Our Instagram 50 Plus Beauty Brand Ambassador @Call_Me_A_Gypsy from Bali - 1 Minute Demo

Updated: Mar 9, 2023

Instagram @CALL_ME_A_GYPSY - Sheila Kiss

The classy & stunning @call_me_a_gypsy

~ Sheila Kiss From Bali Indonesia ... Here’s what she had to say: “You know I like a simple life and that's especially with make-up. I'm 64 and for me less is more. I'm definitely of the belief that heavy makeup is aging.

Let me introduce you to an all in one makeup I've been using for the last few


In this one compact that lasts 2 year's, is your foundation, blusher, concealer, highlighter, lippy, eyeshadow. My first thought is that it's immediately going to save you money, save you space in your bathroom and handbag and can you imagine how easy your next vacay will be. I actually wore it to hot yoga and it’s 40 degree heat and it stayed on ! Just brush it on all over and go - less is more - just need a little - a quick nice natural look - it lets your skin shine through - what a great natural look is that ! It includes: - VEGAN Travel Brush with Lid (a $40 Value) - & Lip/Detail Applicators - Comes in a clear drawstring travel bag - Professional Quality - Made In New York Since 1999 - VEGAN - Cruelty Free - Paraben Free - No shades - the unique ONE-SHADE is self-adjusting for ALL skin-tones - works 99.9% - simply use less or more depending on the look you want Give a like to show your support Click the link in Sheila’s Bio to try for yourself”


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