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Location Independent Business Opportunity ~ Not an MLM

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Work remotely

Mobile-based business 

Sustainable travel

Wanderlust - Wanderfest 

Make and Save Money While Traveling 

Wholesale Sales Rep

Go-Natural Traveling Wholesale Independent Sales Rep:

- Order Taking Wholesale Sales
- Requires inventory - high profit - Order Wholesale
  • Manufacturer Direct From Las Vegas USA - not an MLM

  • Sustainable Income for Digital Nomad, Expats, and more


Having a mobile-based business is the ultimate freedom 

 It allows you to live the wanderlust lifestyle while you make you're living wherever you choose.


work from anywhere 

The best part, is that when you sign on as a manufacturer direct,  independent wholesale sales rep with Go-Natural, you won’t just get a great home or mobile-based sales rep business with a one of a kind proven specialty retail product —you get a network of support, consulting, training, and the opportunity to grow.


No prior expertise needed, with low minimum on-hand stock requirements, and low monthly minimums. 


building a residual income

The position itself is pretty easy: You will call on independent and specialty retailers in the area you are traveling. (gift shops, fashion and specialty boutiques, salons, spas, etc.)  when you want and wherever you want, anywhere in the world.  


As an added bonus as a Go-Natural Wholesale Sales Rep, you are free to sell from your on-hand inventory directly to retail end-users, profiting an amazing $50 per kit.


On-hand inventory consists of 1 wholesale case of a minimum of 12 kits plus 13th kit for free - you will use this inventory for extra incentive to land your new accounts by giving the new account decision maker 1 free kit now (we reimburse this back to you) for them ordering today - we will ship the store the remainder of the order (12 kits)... also use your on-hand inventory to sell as you go to retail end users - profiting approximately $50 per kit.  



More About

     Rep Wholesale to Independent and Specialty Retailers:

  • You will be calling on independent and specialty retailers - identify an opportunity (gift shops, boutiques, sundry shops, salons, spas, etc.)- enter store with a demo kit (your free kit) to show and a free kit ready to give the decision maker should they place an order now.

  • having a kit to give them is a big added incentive that helps land accounts and is why you need inventory to be successful.

  • You will need to speak with the decision maker to introduce them to Go-Natural ALL-IN-ONE Cosmetic - the special offer of a free kit for them to order wholesale today - the free shipping worldwide offer - and an attractive over 50% and up profit margin - profit $50 ea kit - over $500 a case.  

  • more training to follow 



  • Specialty retailers are always on the lookout for unique new products.

  • Independent and specialty retailers need to continue to offer unique products that are not found at corporate stores if they are going to continue to be a thriving business. 

  • they can literally add thousands of dollars a year to their bottom line with just this one product.  


Retail = Single Kits

Wholesale = Wholesale Cases - 12 Kits +



  • - Drop-Shipped to the store

  • - Using your Affiliate ID Link - Place the new store wholesale order using their credit card and ship to their address 

  • - Use Coupon Code for them to receive 20% off:  


  • - you will automatically and instantly be compensated the 10% plus be adding to your threshold of $1000 for the $100 bonus and addition 10% for sales over $1000 in a month

  • - BONUS:  Earn an additional $50 Bonus for landing a real brick and mortar specialty retail store account's initial order.   

Or: Option 1b

  • - Give the store your affiliate link AND the Coupon Code for them to receive 20% off:   WHOLESALE-GN-20 

  • - you will automatically and instantly be compensated the 10% plus adding to your threshold of $1000 for the $100 bonus and addition 10% for sales over $1000 in a month  

  • - BONUS:  Earn an additional $50 Bonus for landing a real brick and mortar specialty retail store account's initial order.   

Residual Income - every time that store reorders 

Must maintain active status:  

  • - land 2 new store accounts per month or place orders for yourself for a minimum of 2 wholesale cases.

  • - follow-up (calls, emails, text, etc.) with your accounts monthly for customer service, inventory status and their re-order. 

Option 1 c 

  • - you can use all of the above to market and sell to other independent sales reps

  • - use your affiliate link to have them sign up as an affiliate and earn 5% from all of their affiliate sales 

Go-Natural The ALL-IN-ONE Cosmetic Makeup Wholesale Sales Rep

Added Bonus

Direct Sales - Retail

As a Go-Natural Wholesale Sales Rep you are also able to sell direct to individuals at retail from your on-hand inventory.  Go-Natural pretty much sells itself - quite  impulsively  - basically you just tell to sell and they will usually want it so long as you have it there for them now, especially to women traveling - they need simplicity but want to look their best - easily.  Try getting a group together of 2 or 3 or 6 ladies - show, tell sell and at a profit of approximately $50 per sale can be well worth your time and effort. 

“Your life changes the moment you make a new, congruent, and committed decision.” – Tony Robbins

Go-Natural The ALL-IN-ONE Cosmetic Makeup Wholesale Sales Rep

No need to wait for your on-hand inventory to arrive - you can get started right away by introducing and taking wholesale pre-orders of Go-Natural from stores as well as retail end users, acquaintances  - also- use this time to get familiar with the product you are representing.  Watch Go-Natural videos on Shopping Channels, read through reviews, read through the About Us and About Go-Natural, email questions or call us toll free at

877-446-6288 ext 5.

Focus on being productive

instead of busy.

~ Timothy Ferriss  The 4-Hour Workweek  


Location Independent

Business Opportunity

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