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The No-Makeup Look has Reached "Cool-Girl" Status... well ... we've been doing nude si

Updated: Jun 2, 2019

The No-Makeup Look has Reached Cool-Girl Status... well ... we've been doing nude since 1999

In the past two years, the fashion world has undergone a quiet revolution. After decades of fashion magazines displaying women with faces painted-up to the point of unrecognizability, there are suddenly beautiful women with natural-looking faces on these magazine covers. Designers and consumers alike have realized that women are already beautiful, and they don’t need to cover that up.

This natural, nude, no-makeup look was all over the fall 2015 runways: Marc Jacobs models strutted with nearly-natural sharply structured faces, and Phillip Lim and Alexander Wang models used minimalist makeup and reflected light to perfect their faces. Off the runway, it has become a trend to post #IWokeUpLikeThis photos on Instagram; everyone from teens to Beyonce has posted a markedly no-makeup photo with this tag. The question is, why now?

More than ever, women today feel empowered to embrace their natural beauty. Instead of hiding behind layers of makeup, women of all shapes, races, and ages are now using affordable natural makeup products such as Go-Natural ALL-IN-ONE Cosmetic® to bring out their individual beauty. The entire purpose of makeup has shifted. Instead of covering up, no-makeup look products bring out a woman’s natural features. The nude, no- makeup look movement tells women that they are already beautiful.

The natural no-makeup look movement also comes at a time when women are very health-conscious and against putting mysterious chemicals onto their body. Society’s new focus on healthy skincare and wellness has shifted consumers’ purchases from spending time and money to cover up flaws to spending that same effort to maintain healthy skin. Having healthy skin means that you can “just wake up like this” and still look good. Additionally, products, such as the Go-Naturals’ All-In-One Professional Professional Grade Magic Powder, are made in North America, paraben free and contain nutritious vitamins, minerals and antioxidants, conditioning your skin, rather than irritating it.

Finally, the natural no-makeup look is just plain easier. Women today are busier than ever, and they don’t have time to put on eight different products each day. Go-Natural The All-In-One Cosmetic® takes as little as 20 seconds to brush on, making it the perfect choice for busy women.

With support from designers, celebrities, and regular people like you and me, the natural no-makeup look is here to stay.


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